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Call for Part-time Pastor with a focus on Youth and Children

Job description

Renew Gold Coast is seeking a part-time pastor with a focus on youth and children’s ministry. The role requires a 2 to 3 day load per week, paid at Queensland Baptist stipend rates. The initial term is for one year with a six month probationary period.

Working as part of a small team of pastors, you will take part in all aspects of pastoral ministry including preaching and pastoral care, but the focus of your role will be to further develop our Saturday youth group, Sunday youth Bible study and Sunday children’s ministry program.

Job goals

The goals you will be striving for are:

  • Support the church and pastoral team in their walk with Christ as they discern God’s will for Renew
  • Grow Renew’s people in their emotional and spiritual health
  • Disciple the youth and children of Renew in the Word of Christ
  • Winsomely share the Gospel with attendees at Renew Youth and Sunday School
  • Draw youth through the presence and work of the Holy Spirit and the joy of genuine Christian lives shared
  • Provide a gracious and safe spiritual home for more families in Renew.

Job responsibilities

Using a collaborative and gracious approach, you will focus on:

  • Strategically developing Renew Youth by:
  • Planning and leading youth group through providing relevant Christian teaching and pastoral care
  • Administration, including finances, Childsafe Coordination, etc.
  • Coordinating and training a small team of youth leaders
  • Promoting youth group and maintaining open communication with parents
  • Helping maintain and equip the “Youth Shed.”
  • Prayerfully coordinating the running of Renew's Youth Bible Study and Sunday School by:
  • Sourcing Biblical teaching resources
  • Planning, recruiting, training and managing a team of leaders
  • Building relationships with church families, especially parents
  • Delivering regular sermons at Renew’s Sunday service (no more than once a month)
  • Meeting weekly with Renew’s pastoral team to encourage the team, pray for our people, plan upcoming church services and activities, and to seek God’s direction for Renew
  • Participating at bimonthly church meetings.

Educational requirements

The educational requirements relate to theological study from a recognised Evangelical tertiary institution:

  • Minimum of a Diploma (with a plan for further theological study at at least Bachelor level)
  • Or at least one year of current enrolment in a Bachelor of Theology or Bachelor of Ministry or higher

Personal characteristics and expectations

The successful candidate will:

  • Be a faithful, baptized follower of Jesus who meets the requirements of an elder/pastor as per 1 Timothy 3:1-7
  • Fulfil and agree to Renew’s membership requirements as a faithful community member at Renew Gold Coast
  • Exhibit humility, wisdom, and clarity of communication. (Our pastoral team are a team of equals, regardless of level of education, skill, responsibility, time available or compensation. We listen to one another humbly and make decisions jointly. This leadership style encourages early and frequent engagement with the entire church in bimonthly meetings. Submitting oneself to these structures requires the above characteristics.)
  • Strive to attend our occasional church-wide social activities
  • Be available for group and one-on-one training. Weekly pastoral meetings of 1 to 1.5 hours are required (currently held over lunch during the week, but flexibility of timing is paramount).
  • Have some capacity to reach out to new parents and youth (especially including the unchurched).

About Renew Gold Coast

Renew is a small, young, independent baptist church, meeting primarily in Worongary, QLD. We hold to traditional Christian teachings with a baptist and evangelical Protestant flavour. We have a small congregation of 30 to 40 people attending our weekly, Sunday afternoon services. We are of diverse ages and currently meet in a large home. Our growth plans include meeting in multiple, zoom-linked homes. We have a medium sized youth group.

Our values are:

  • Biblical Discipleship, implemented through a weekly church-wide Bible Study, Sunday School, Youth Bible Study, expositional sermons, and a variety of organic activities such as one-on-one studies;
  • Gracious Community, implemented through weekly fellowship meals, regular church socials, highly collaborative and open decision making, ensuring safety for the vulnerable, and an emphasis on listening to one another;
  • Light to the World, implemented through invitational events and the culture in our ministries, monthly support to missions or local community needs, ongoing evangelism and apologetics training.

Is the Holy Spirit prompting you to think about pastoral ministry in Renew Church?

Please take a look around this site to become more familiar with Renew, or call Malcolm Lithgow on 0428 949 744 or Graham Grove on 0406 813 044 to chat further.

A formal application may be made through submission of a CV and cover letter to info@renewgc.com. Please include some details about yourself and your faith in your cover letter.