When should I arrive?

Church starts at 4:00PM sharp, so that we can be finished by 5:30PM at the latest to have dinner together. We track attendance for COVID tracking, so if you're new, please leave your email and phone for tracing.

On the first Sunday of the month, we have a prayer service at 3PM before our main gathering and a worship service afterward until 6PM. Check our calendar if you're unsure.

Can I Zoom in?

Yes, the Zoom meeting is available from the button on the home page. However, be aware that, even though we put real effort into Zoom , it's never going to be as good as being physically present with others.

That being said, if you are feeling sick, please Zoom in! Social distancing is a major protection against viruses.

Will there be afternoon tea?

Yes. You can arrive from 3:30PM for afternoon tea.

What if we arrive early or late?

Don't stress. We're serious about our value of "gracious community!"

What should we bring?

Bring friends and/or family (dependent on the current restrictions, see the home page)! If you want to bring your own dinner for afterwards, you can pop that in the fridge, but we'll be providing dinner every week except for the first Sunday of the month.

How long will we be doing this?

As we grow, we'll add more home "hubs" connected to one another via Zoom. Perhaps we'll eventually get big enough to rent or buy property, who knows? The key is that we meet together in an intimate environment which frees us to love one another and our neighbours.

Are you sure these are frequently asked questions?

Pretty sure.