Communicating the Gospel with other Worldviews

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The Gospel is a tricky thing. As Paul says, it's a stumbling block to the Jews (who might be represented in our world by pious, religious people) and foolishness to the Greek (who might be those caught up in non-theistic religions or atheism).

Communicating the Gospel requires a deep understanding of the worldview of the person you are communicating with. But most people's worldviews are grounded in one of a few popular worldviews. If we understand those popular worldviews in a broad sense, then we have a head-start in communicating the Gospel with our friends.

And so we look at how to communicate the Gospel with a variety of worldviews popular in Australia in this course.

  1. New Age
  2. Islam
  3. Church of Latter Day Saints
  4. Secular Materialism
  5. Buddhism
  6. Jehovah's Witnesses
  7. Critical Theory (Identity Politics)
  8. Nominal Christianity
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