October 14, 2022 Malcolm Lithgow

Two ways to relate to people

Two ways to relate to people

On Sunday we talked about how service was the way of the Lamb, in contrast to the way of the Dragon, which was control and domination through power and strength.


The way of the Dragon is so deeply embedded in human nature that you'll find it anywhere you look:

  • road rage,
  • competitive sports,
  • workplace bullying (my daughter is struggling with that lately--it's very common),
  • office politics,
  • church politics,
  • and even family politics.

A lesson from The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

To turn away from the way of the Dragon requires more than just a disgust with the status quo. In The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, which we watched a clip from on Sunday, Midge is a victim of the male-dominated status quo of the late 50's and early 60's. Rather than turn from the way of the Dragon through which her husband, father, and other men, have oppressed her, she uses her own version of the way of the Dragon to fight back.


Midge uses her caustic wit to excoriate her opponents (mostly men) on stage. This works as standup comedy in her era because of its shock value. But the way of the Dragon is never merely funny: it destroys rather than builds up. Yes, Midge gains some measure of control in her life through her bitter tirades, but every victory comes at a terrible cost of destroyed relationships.


Why didn't Midge (or Lenny) choose the way of the Lamb? The reason is simple: the way of the Lamb is folly to those who don't know Christ. How could submission and weakness solve any problems?


Indeed, without Christ, the way of the Lamb is folly. Only with God's power at work in our lives does the way of the Lamb become a viable way.


Because the way of the Dragon doesn't work, and the way of the Lamb only works with Jesus' presence in our lives, it's pretty clear that there is only one way to find true life: through Jesus!