July 16, 2020 Malcolm Lithgow

Studying the Letters to the 7 Churches of Revelation

Studying the Letters to the 7 Churches of Revelation

Logos's Bible Study Workflow

On Tuesday night we met together (some of us on Zoom, see the buttons our web page) to dig into what Jesus is saying to us at Renew through the letters to the seven churches of Revelation.

It was a bit of a different study this first week, because we were exploring how to use the Logos Bible application that we have access to through our church's subscription to Faithlife Equip.

If you're a member of Renew, you can have a login to Faithlife, which then gets you a basic version of Logos, which you can either download or use online. You can download Logos to your PC or Mac, and get access to all of its powerful features. For lighter use you can download the app to your Android or Apple device, or use it online.

Logos has a great new feature that helps you study a Bible passage, called "Workflows." These give you a framework for studying a passage, provide helpful information on the passage collected from Logos's other tools, and give you a space to take notes as your work through the passage. On Tuesday night we used the Inductive Bible Study workflow to look at Revelation 2:1-7 (the letter to the church at Ephesus).

An "inductive Bible study" is the type of study that starts with the Bible, spends time reading, understanding, and pulling apart the passage and its context, and then moves on to exploring other resources that talk about it (like commentaries). The benefit of this approach is that you are personally grappling with Scripture, rather than merely leaning on someone else's work. Yes, it takes a bit of effort, but the rewards are even greater.

What did we learn? That, in Revelation, one of the primary themes is Jesus' encouragement to the church, at all times in all places, to keep on loving him and living that out, no matter what people say.

If you want to join us this Tuesday we'll be working through the letter to the church in Smyrna (Revelation 2:8-11), using the same techniques (we won't be showing how to use Logos, but that will have been done in the preparation beforehand).