About Us

Renew is a fresh, young church. We meet every Sunday in the home of one of our pastors for worship and dinner (dinner is provided out of our offerings).

Our gatherings start with worship which involves singing, sharing, prayer, and teaching, and then we have a provided dinner together. After the first part of the service, which works for both adults and kids, the kids go off to do their own thing. We provide a separate Sunday School for pre-school and primary kids before the service, and a parallel Youth Bible Study for high school kids.

As well as a wide mix of ages, we have a mix of long-term and new Christians as well as people exploring the faith, so you'll find someone to talk to at almost any level you want.

Our core values are explained here. In terms of denominations you could say we're an independent baptist church.

Our name, Renew Gold Coast points to our hope to participate in the Spirit's transformation of, not just us, but the whole Gold Coast.